Kristel Peale was practically born with a paintbrush in her hand. Having watched her commercial artist mother ("who could draw anything") throughout childhood, Kristel was painting by early teens: theater sets, billboards,

 restaurant murals, etc. She earned a BFA and an MFA before a long, successful career as a designer in Houston.

​So why pet portraits? Simple. Kristel just loves animals. Her immense sensitivity and bold direct approach is evident in all of her work. Renowned for her imaginative use of color and inventive designs, she applies these skills to the portraits and to the delightful C'est si Bone cards. As a result of her design work, she began to paint pet images on silk pillows--a totally unique format in portraiture.

Kristel has worked with many people in the course of her career and is therefore well positioned to give you what you want and will customize her work to suit you. So far, she has enjoyed 100% satisfaction from her clients. 

And that means she is happy as well.

Contact us at peale@sbcglobal.net. 

713 467-0312.

​We welcome your questions and inquiries.