Welcome to Pet and Palette, where you can commission an exquisitely hand-painted portrait o YOUR pet. Like people, each animal has a unique quality. Great attention is paid to the expression, particularly the eyes, so that the pet you know so well shines through.

Portraits are offered in watercolor (luminous and a bit painterly), or acrylic on canvas (more photographic). Moreover, portraits can be done on silk faced pillows, backed with fine fabrics and trimmed appropriately. 

Paintings on canvas and/or pillows ship within 4 weeks--usually less. Watercolors ship in 2 weeks or less, matted and ready for framing. Frames are not included for watercolors nor acrylics.

All paintings are done from photographs which you send or email to the artist. The photos do not have to be first rate in order to get a first rate portrait. The artist can enhance, improvise, combine more than one photo, and will advise, before beginning, if your photo is not of sufficient quality to paint from.

In addition to portraits, which are commissioned individually, Pet and Palette offers colorful, imaginative pet themed blank note cards:  C'est si Bone.  These are inventoried and available for immediate shipment. At this time, all cards are dog oriented. Some feature a holiday venue.

Click on the catagory where you will see samples of custom paintings as well as the assortment of cards ready to ship.

​​We welcome your inquiries and questions. Please contact Kristel Peale at 713 467-0312. peale@sbcglobal.net